Revelation of the Mystery

Revelation of the Mystery

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By Al-Hujwiri
Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson
Foreword By Carl W. Ernst

Like Rumi, Hafiz and Attar, al-Hujwiri was one of the great saints of Sufism. Revelation of the Mystery, or Kashf al-mahjub, has been revered by students of Sufism for nine centuries. This classic text contains biographies of the saints, including Fudayl, the brigand who became a great spiritual teacher; Ibrahim Adham, the prince who renounced everything when he received the divine call; and al-Hallaj, the great Sufi martyr. Al-Hujwiri also offers the spiritual seeker universal and timeless advice on many subjects, such as contemplation, generosity, spiritual courtesy, prayer, love and distinguishing false spirituality and false teachers from the real, a discernment just as important today as then.

ISBN-10: 1879708140

ISBN-13: 978-1879708143
Trade paper, 472 pages 

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